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    Stereo Zoom Microscope Model AT223

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    1. Viewing head : 45°inclined, 360°rotatable binocular head or trinocular head
    2. The inter- pupillary distance adjustable between 48-75mm; both diopter adjustment of range ± 5mm.
    3. Eyepiece: Wide filed, high- eyepoint eyepiece-WF10X22mm. image of specimen with glasses. (Anti-fungus)
    4. Objective: Zoom objective magnification0.70X-4.5X.
    5. Magnification range: 7X-45X or 3.5X-180X(Use auxiliary objective).
    6. Working distance: between 30mm-165mm,special maximum working distance can provide more working area for you.
    7. Upper Illumination: 12V/15W Variable quartz halogen light source.
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